Paul Neil

Art, Design and 3D Visual Effects have been a passion of mine now from my earliest memories as a child to this very day.

In 2003 with the purchase of my first PC, (Capable of producing and rendering 3D models) my love of 3D transitioned from observation to pursuit. I wasted no time in finding my first 3D design software (Anim8or an excellent free learning tool). For the next 3 years while working for law firms and finance companies, my work colleagues would rush home at the end of a busy day, to put their feet up, I was rushing home to learn polygon modelling, animation and render settings.

During 2006 I began creating and selling my own 3D models through Makena Technologies Ltd and very quickly found myself working full-time as a freelance 3D artist living in Florida, USA. Raising the bar with every new design, there were deadlines to meet, resource budgets to adhere to, collaborations between myself and other artists and a great deal of pressure to deliver something new and exciting with each design. I took it all in my stride and relished every moment I spent designing.