Winter Is Here!! Well in Australia, NewZealand and Westeros 🙂

Introducing the NX6000 Dragon Fire and Dragon Fire, Wild Flame. An all new Dragon themed paint job, complete with illuminated Dash and exhaust available in 2 colors.

Get yours now on special offer for 3 days only! After that the price goes up a bit.

Dragon Fire Original (Orange Flames)

Dragon Fire Wild Flame (Green Flames)

Make sure you install the high resolution texture patch below.

This patch will install both the Original Dragon Fire and the Wild Flame High Resolution patch at the same time.

Instructions, once the file is downloaded run the file and a window will pop up, click OK, Another window will now pop up, click Extract. This will auto install the texture files. If you are in There,com when you do this, log out and back in and Enjoy the details 🙂

As a special bonus this week I’m giving you a behind the scenes tour of how the Dragon scene (Used on the seats of the helicopter) was put together (includes a video). You can also download the 1080p HD desktop wall paper for free by just clicking on the image below.


And finally, here are some pictures. All taken in the previewer with the 2K texture patch added. Enjoy 🙂