After a few delays the TH6 Kestrel is finally here and available to buy on special offer for 3 days (The price will go up a bit after that). There are 2 versions available.

On The Pods – The driver in the cockpit and all other passengers outside the helicopter ready to unleash paintball mayhem.

All Inside – The driver and a passenger inside the cockpit and all other passengers ride in the back hidden from view.

2K High Resolution Texture Patch. Click the image below to start the Download. Please note that this download will patch both the All Inside and the On The Pods versions of the TH6 Kestrel.

Instructions, once the file is downloaded run the file and a window will pop up, click OK, Another window will now pop up, click Extract. This will auto install the texture files. If you are in There,com when you do this, log out and back in and Enjoy the details 🙂

All images below are taken in world and with the exception of the last image they are patched with the Free 2K high Resolution Texture Patch.


The below image is not patched with the 2K high resolution textures and as you can see there is little to no difference from this distance.