Aston Martin 1.5L GP 1922  (2016 Renders) Modeled in 3ds Max, textures produced in Photoshop and Composited in Nuke.

Aston Martin 1922 GP 3  Aston Martin 1922 GP 4  Aston Martin 1922 GP 1  Aston Martin 1922 GP 2Aston Martin 1922 GP 5  Aston Martin 1922 GP 6  Clay3  Clay2

Dirt Modified IMCA Racer

wip17  wip15  wip19  RearView1

wip32  wip30  wip28


Bugatti Veyron 16.4 EB

render2  render4  render6  Bugatti Veyron Collection


The White House

Wh1  Wh2  wh3  wh6



bath3  Bath1  Bath2   Bath4  Bath5  bath6


Low Polygon Video Game Jets. Only 3000 Tris, Each Jet (Excluding the pilots). Created in 3dsMax. 

f350430  f222  f2225


Garden Furniture

Garden2  Garden1  Garden3Garden6  Garden4  Garden5


Kuka Titan, Robotic Arm, Fully Rigged and Animated

Kuka1  Kuka3  Kuka2 Kuka4  Kuka5  Kuka6