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  The F16 WAR BIRD is here and in Auctions Now. Fully loaded with 2 X External fuel tanks, 6 X CBU 87’s, 2 X Aim 9L Sidewinders and 2 X AIM 120 Amraam’s. Plus the Free 2K High Resolution texture patch to download below.  Enjoy 🙂 

Auctions Link – 


Download the free patch here. It will install the texture upgrade for BOTH the F16 War Bird and the F16 Tiger 2. (You do not need to own either plane for it to work when you see one of these planes in world). There is also a paypal donate button on the page, you don’t have to, however if you feel that the work that I put into this is worth a few $$ that would be much appreciated 🙂



Instructions, once the file is downloaded run the file and a window will pop up, click OK, Another window will now pop up, click Extract. This will auto install the texture files. If you are in There.com when you do this, log out and back in and Enjoy the details 🙂

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