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2K High Resolution Texture Patch. Click the image below to start the Download. There is also a paypal donate button on the page, you don’t have to, however if you feel that the work that I put into this is worth a few $$ that would be much appreciated 🙂


This patch will install both the F16 Tiger 2 high resolution patch and the F16 WAR BIRD High Resolution patch at the same time.

Instructions, once the file is downloaded run the file and a window will pop up, click OK, Another window will now pop up, click Extract. This will auto install the texture files. If you are in There,com when you do this, log out and back in and Enjoy the details 🙂

On the 7th February 2007 I released my 1st ever hoverboat into, a very low poly F16. (at the bottom of the page) As the 10 year anniversary is here I have decided to remake it using the skills that I have acquired over the years.

All 8 images below are taken in the previewer and are an accurate representation of the final product. This is the standard 512X512 Textures version.

512 1512 2512 3512 5512 7512 6512 8512 4

The 4 images below are of the F16 Tiger II with the 2K textures patch added. If you like finding new little details all the time, then you are going to love this 🙂

2K 5 2K 12K 4 2K 3

Below are images of the F16 design I created 10 years ago. I was just starting out in 3D and I had no idea how to even use photoshop or much of an idea how to unwrap models. To get around this I actually bought and put together an airfix model of an F16, took digital photos of it and used them as textures. I put a few images over the pictures using paintshop pro 4 haha. 

pic3 pic2 pic1