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AH6 Work in progress

Work in progress, AH6 Littlebird.

The body and the weapons rack need to be reworked. Currently working on the Rotor Assembly. Once complete I will contact VFX houses and Games companies to see if anyone is interested in exclusive rights. If this is something that your company maybe interested in please get in touch


Colt .45 Peacemaker

A One day commissioned project. Using 3dsMax, Vray, Photoshop, Mari and Nuke

Interior Design

Interior Apartment design. Created over 6 days using, 3dsMax, Vray, Zbrush, Mari, Nuke and Photoshop.

cam3final2  cam3solidfinal  passes2  nuke2 cam1final2  cam1solidfinal  passes1  nuke1

Modular Weapon Design, WIP.

The core pistol is based on a Smith and Wesson M38. The slide works and rounds will load into the chamber. Just a few specular, blend and dirt maps to complete here.

Programs Used:

3DsMax, Mari, Photoshop and Nuke

barrel4  new8barrel3  barrel7barrel6 barrel5 pistolnuke5  pistolnuke6 pistolnuke4  clay14 clay10 clay12 clay1 clay2 clay3 clay4

Portfolio Work in Progress. Character Design

Marvel’s Lady Deadpool. The head is almost complete, however the suit details are yet to be added.    Programs used:

Zbrush, 3DsMax, Mari, Nuke and Photoshop

lady62 lady44 basic2wire2 normal2

2D Digital Painting

Brushing up on my 2D painting skills here with a caricature of Angelina Jolie. Approx 10 hours work. Photoshop

Angelina Jolie


The chassis of the dirt car that I am currently working on is now complete. The shader comprises of an 8 layer Vray blend material, from base material to dust. Below I have included the final render, AO and Reflection passes. Of course this is only a few of what was rendered. 🙂 Enjoy

Wip34  Chassis Lower AO  Chassis Ref

Rear Axel ready to paint

The rear axel is now fully modeled, unwrapped and ready to paint. Check out these 3 renders here.

wip28   wip30   wip32

Improved WIP Renders

Over the past few weeks I have certainly improved my workflow and final results with VRay and Nuke. 

wip17   wip15  wip19

Work in Progress, Extremely Detailed Dirt Car

Below are 4 images from my current personal project. Last year I created all of the high res cars for a video game to be released soon. I fell in love with the incredibly detailed chassis/frames so much that I decided to remake one of them and include an extreme amount of detail. The modeling is not finished yet and the final materials and textures are yet to be applied.

Test5  Wip3  WIp5  WIp7

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